Security tips in handling with the Visa debit card

  1. Sign your new debit card as the cardholder as soon as you receive it.
  2. Change the PIN code you receive at an ATM in Liechtenstein or Switzerland:
    • When doing so, avoid using number combinations that are easy to guess – like date of birth or vehicle number.
    • Never write it down.
    • Never give your PIN to anyone, not even to a bank employee or police officer.
  3. Don't let yourself get distracted
    • Don't let yourself get distracted when withdrawing money or paying for a purchase.
    • Make sure nobody is watching you when you enter your PIN code. If necessary, ask the person standing too close or the cashier to keep a safe distance, or stop making the withdrawal or payment.
    • If your card is blocked at the payment device or ATM, do not accept help from strangers.
  4. Check terminals for abnormalities (such as moving parts). If you suspect that the terminal may have been tampered with, proceed as follows:
    • Do not withdraw cash or make a payment
    • Do not remove any part from the terminal (such as cameras or devices for recording card data)
    • Move away from the terminal
    • Notify the police immediately (emergency number 117)
  5. Regularly check your account statements
    Regularly check your account statements or look up the postings in Online/Mobile Banking. Report any discrepancies to us immediately and have the card blocked.
  6. Push notifications
    Activate push notifications in Mobile Banking via the settings under Notifications in the Push Center. You will then automatically receive a notification every time your card is debited.
  7. Block immediately
    Have your Visa debit card blocked immediately if it is stolen or retained by an ATM.
  8. Block specific regions
    If you activated specific regions for a trip, reset geo-blocking afterwards on your card in LLB Online / Mobile Banking to regions that you need. Our Advisory Centre will also be happy to help you on +423 236 88 11.
  9. Tips for secure online purchases
    • Register your card for 3DS two-factor authentication and make sure that you don't lose the registered mobile phone.
    • Keep your card data secret and never share the data with anyone.
    • Make purchases and deposit your card data only at trustworthy online shops.
    • Do not use your card data on unsecure WLAN networks.
    • Make payments only on secure websites (recognisable by the lock symbol and "https" at the beginning of a web address)
    • In general, only activate the Online purchases function in the card settings if you make purchases on the Internet.

We're always happy to help.

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