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    "you study" is your ideal financial companion during your studies

The student account that thinks with you

For all your financial affairs – especially during your studies – you need an account that helps you manage your finances conveniently, lets you withdraw cash, and much more. The "you study" account lets you as a student control your finances at all times.

While you're studying for your career and for your life, the "you study" account can make managing your finances so much easier. You not only save time, but also fees. "you study" is the ideal account for students and apprentice until their 30th birthday and registered or with permanent residence in Liechtenstein / Switzerland. You receive nearly free access to all banking services. With your "you study" account, you always have good cards, no matter where you are: You can add a debit card, credit card, or Travel Cash card to your account. And you can use Online and Mobile Banking to keep up to date about your account and to make payments. If you're thinking for the long term, there are good prospects and investment opportunities to make more of your money and your future.

Who can open a "you study" account?

  • Students studying at a recognized University, University of Applied Sciences or Higher Technical College
  • Students up to the age of 30
  • Students with citizenship or a residence permit (C) in Liechtenstein or Switzerland
  • Without a residence permit, you cannot open a you study account. As an alternative, opening a private account or LLB Combi is always possible.

Your benefits

  • Convenient account management and free monthly account statement
  • Attractive preferential interest rate on your account balance
  • Free debit card for daily use
  • Online and Mobile Banking for a better overview
  • youli member card for attractive discounts at llb.li/youli

Open simply and quickly

Bring the filled out information form, your current student card and your ID or passport with you to our service counter. You‘ll soon be able to benefit from all the advantages of your personal account. At the end of your studies, we will convert your "you study" account into a private account − so that your finances continue to be in the best hands.

Checklist for your account opening

  • Filled out information form
  • Student card or university confirmation letter
  • Personal identity document *

* Liechtenstein citizens

  • Valid identity document (ID card or passport)

* Swiss citizens

  • Valid identity document (ID card or passport)
  • Relation to Liechtenstein or Rheintal (living in-, family in-, studying in Liechtenstein)

* Foreign citizens

  • Valid identity document (ID card or passport)
  • Residence permit for Liechtenstein (Permit / Ausländerausweis C oder D)
  • Residence permit for Switzerland (Permit C)