• eBill

eBill – pay bills securely and quickly

Whether telephone, electricity, insurance, or credit card bills: With eBill, you no longer receive your bills by post or email, but rather digitally in your E-Banking. That way, you receive your bills where you pay them!

What is eBill?

eBill is short for "electronic bill" and will replace the existing "e-Bill" by the end of 2019 in Switzerland. LLB implements eBill as the first bank in Liechtenstein.

With eBill, invoices from vendors are sent directly to your LLB Online Banking and LLB Mobile Banking, making it the most convenient way to issue and pay invoices. This paperless solution saves billers time and money. As an invoice recipient, you pay the eBill conveniently, anywhere and at any time, with just a few clicks over LLB E-banking.

eBill – your benefits

  • Convenience No typing in or scanning of payment slips. No mistakes. Reliable payments.
  • Speed Pay bills on time. With a single click. Or automatically – to save even more time.
  • Full control You decide on your bill payments.
  • Security Only trustworthy bills. No spam. No phishing.

This is how easily you receive your eBill

  1. Log on to www.llb.li in LLB E-Banking and click on "eBill" under the "Payments" menu item.
  2. Follow the steps to activate eBill. You will be redirected to the eBill customer portal of SIX Paynet AG.
  3. After activation, select your billers in the eBill customer portal. You can now immediately receive and pay bills using eBill in your E-Banking.

Additional information about eBill for bill payers can be found here.