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    How to use your vested pension benefits for your retirement capital

Take advantage of attractive options for your blocked pension savings account

You can invest your vested pension benefits accumulated in Liechtenstein on a blocked pension savings account in Swiss Francs or Euros at a preferential interest rate.

Your blocked pension savings account lets you stay flexible. This is the most suitable investment for your vested pension benefits – provided you are only temporarily not working in Liechtenstein or Switzerland and therefore want to park your retirement capital for a short period of time. The blocked pension savings account is also useful if you intend to withdraw the capital in the near future – for example if you become self-employed, have reached retirement age, or leave the Liechtenstein/Swiss economic area to live in a third country outside the EEA.

Release of your capital from the blocked pension savings account is subject to certain conditions. Payouts can only be made in accordance with the Occupational Pensions Act (BPVG) and the Occupational Pensions Ordinance (BPVV). The legal provisions can be found in guidance issued by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA). Please complete the application and send it to the FMA.

Fund investment – the attractive alternative

But if your investment horizon is still a few years, an alternative is to invest your vested pension benefits in whole or in part in an attractive fund. For your security, these funds must meet certain legal investment requirements. Where applicable, your spouse's written consent is also required.

Your benefits

  • Flexible: Investment of vested pension benefits (2nd pillar)
  • Alternative: Option to invest in fund
  • Attractive: Preferential interest rate on vested pension benefits
  • Transparent: Annual account statement