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Your current account in foreign currencies makes you more flexible

For your account movements in foreign currencies, the current account offers you numerous benefits and services. You stay flexible at all times and always have access to your assets.

The current account is the ideal solution for managing incoming and outgoing payments as well as securities transactions in foreign currencies. You can carry out your banking business quickly and easily using LLB Online and Mobile Banking. Your balance is available at all times. Thanks to monthly account statements, you can always keep track of your finances in foreign currencies.

Securities and transactions can be followed transparently and administered on an individual basis. Standing orders and direct debits can be used to carry out all relevant payment transactions on the desired date.

Cashless purchases are even more convenient with your debit card. You can also use credit cards or the Swiss Bankers Travel Cash card. Stay mobile even with your foreign currencies! Thanks to LLB Online Banking and LLB Mobile Banking, you can keep track of your finances online or while travelling. Your current account accompanies you around the clock and anywhere.

Your benefits

  • All common foreign currencies available: For private banking transactions in foreign currencies
  • Cutting-edge payment transactions: Convenient and cashless, simple and fast, digital or by mail
  • Detailed overview: Thanks to monthly account statement
  • Always available: Access to entire account balance at all times
  • Liquidity everywhere: Worldwide cash withdrawal at ATMs
  • Act independently: debit card for cashless payment
  • The right choice for travel: Your credit card as an ideal travel companion