Responsibility for society and the environment

Our aspiration is to act with responsibility and create values – for our enterprise, society, and the environment. 

As a financial institution with a long-term orientation, we are committed to leaving an intact environment and stable social conditions to the coming generations. 

Thinking about tomorrow: Ecological responsibility

We are convinced that actions driven by sustainability and responsibility increase our corporate value. This is reflected in our promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that make a contribution to climate protection. The LLB is a partner of the independent non-profit Swiss Climate Foundation. It thus belongs to a group of 25 partner companies that – in an uncomplicated and efficient manner – pool their resources to promote SMEs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and protect the climate. The companies make their refunds from the Swiss CO2 levy available to the Climate Foundation to support new products and technological developments as well as energy-saving projects.

Acting with perspective: Product responsibility

We rely on ideas and products that ensure lasting success and sustainable action for our clients and ourselves. We take account of economic, environmental, and social demands in this regard. With our products and services, we make an essential contribution to a future-oriented and sustainable development of society. Dealing fairly with our clients, borrowers, and partners is also an essential aspect of our product responsibility – as is a transparent information policy on the opportunities and risks of financial instruments and investment strategies.

How do we implement this? With our ecological and renovation mortgage, for instance, we offer a financing model based on sustainability that offers attractive conditions for clients. This model not only promotes investments for new buildings that meet the requirements for a Minergie, passive house, or comparable alternative energy label, but also renovations that achieve similar heating and insulation improvements. We additionally support a wide range of environmental initiatives.