LLB Mission Statement

Common values, our vision, and our purpose shape the corporate culture of the LLB Group. Our values serve as guiding principles for our actions and our responsibility.

Our values: guard rails and drivers for our behaviour.

Our values are the compass and a key factor for our success.

  • integrity – we create clarity and stand by our word
  • respect - we believe in partnership and hold both clients and colleagues in high esteem
  • passion - we act with conviction and enthusiasm
  • excellence - we set standards through performance and passion.

Our values create trust and guide us purposefully towards our vision: to be one of the most trusted banks in the world.

Our vision: Trust at the heart of our bank.

In a constantly changing society, LLB has a clear vision: "We are one of the most trustworthy banks in the world". In doing so, the trust of our clients forms the foundation of our actions. It is more than a vision: LLB stands for stability, which is reflected in every interaction, every decision and in every product we offer. It defines our relationships, forms our services and shapes our future. At LLB, trust is not just a single word - it is our promise and our responsibility.

Our purpose: value-based banking for a sustainable future.

In line with our vision, we emphasise the importance of value-based banking. This principle guides our daily work and decision-making. We are convinced that sustainable success is based on solid values. By combining trust and integrity with modern banking solutions, we make an active contribution to a sustainable future. At LLB, we see ourselves not only as a bank, but also as a partner that, together with our clients, is pursuing the path of a responsible and sustainable financial world.

LLB mission statement
Values, vision, and purpose of the LLB Group

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