The new e-banking version extends specific functions for corporate and intermediary clients, increases security in general thanks to the new password rules, and facilitates clients' self-administration of devices.

With the current version of e-banking, corporate and intermediary clients can create client groups. A new report type is also available for this client segment. For all e-banking clients, self-administration is made easier for devices that have already been activated or that are to be activated. Pie charts offer a clear presentation. Closed accounts or securities accounts are still displayed for up to 90 days after they are closed.

New password rules

New password rules

As previously announced, a new password policy was introduced on 1 January 2018. Since then, the passwords of new clients have had to comply with the new rules. Starting with the new e-banking version in June, the password check will be activated upon login. If your current password does not yet meet the policy criteria, you will be asked to change your password accordingly when you log in. A description of the new password rules can be found in our FAQs.

Complete export of bookings

Until now, only the displayed books of an account (max. 200 bookings) were exported. From now on, you can export all bookings that meet the filter criteria, regardless of whether they are visible due to the screen's display restrictions.

My apps

My Apps

The previous menu item "Mobile Banking apps" in the user menu is now called "My apps". It no longer contains only the registration for Mobile Banking, but is now extended by the PhotoTAN function as well.

A list of all PhotoTAN devices you have activated is displayed. You can now simply remove devices yourself that are no longer in use. To do this, click on the activated device and remove it in the detailed view using the three dots.

Activate additional device

From now on, a new device will no longer be activated via the login screen, but instead conveniently via the user menu under "My apps".

Clear pie charts

Clear pie charts

In Mobile and Online Banking, two additional pie charts are now available in the asset overview under "Analysis":

  • Shares by sector
  • Bonds by maturity

The new pie charts are now also available in Online Banking in the "Customer analysis" and "Custody account analysis" widgets.

Closed BPs / accounts still visible up to 90 days

Closed BPs

Closed clients (business partners / BPs) and accounts will remain visible for a certain period of time. In the settings, you can define whether and for how long closed clients and accounts are to be displayed.

Create client groups

Create client groups

The "Online Services" menu item now includes the "Client groups" menu item for corporate and intermediary clients. On this page you can create, edit, or delete client groups. The clients activated here (business partners / BPs) can be assigned to one or more client groups. After selecting a specific client group, only information applicable to the selected client group is displayed throughout Online Banking. The same information is then also displayed in Mobile Banking.

New "Performance Contribution" report type

Online Services

The "Performance Contribution" report is available effective immediately for corporate and intermediary clients under the "Online Services" menu item.