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LLB – the best employer in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

LLB has won the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award) thanks to the outstanding ratings it received in the employee survey. Three attributes make LLB a particularly attractive employer: Liechtensteinische Landesbank offers substantial creative freedom, an informal corporate culture and exciting job opportunities.

We are especially proud of two awards:

  • The Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award) 2024 ranks us as a top employer.
  • Thanks to our health management, we are recognised as a Friendly Work Space.
"We can display the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award label with great pride, as it is based on the ratings given to us by our colleagues. This award is also one of the most compelling reasons for applying for a job at LLB."
Bernd Moosmann
Bernd Moosmann
Head of Group Human Resources of the LLB Group

LLB wins the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award

LLB has been chosen as the best employer in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It achieved first place in the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award for companies with more than 1'000 employees. The Swiss Arbeitgeber Award is given to companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein that are rated as outstanding in five categories in the employee survey. LLB won the award on the strength of the excellent ratings given by employees in the categories "Commitment", "Satisfaction", "No resignation", "Attractive employer" and "Would recommend employer to others". It also had one of the highest participation rates (91 per cent).

Media communiqué (in German only)

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award


LLB’s health management has been awarded the "Friendly Work Space" label

LLB is the first bank in Liechtenstein entitled to display the "Friendly Work Space" label. The award underscores Liechtensteinische Landesbank’s strong and targeted commitment to good and healthy working conditions. The "Health Promotion Switzerland" foundation awards this label in recognition of outstanding occupational health management for the benefit of employees

Media communiqué

Friendly Work Space