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    Keep track of everything – even on the go

Informed in every respect – with LLB Online Banking

Whether you're at home, travelling, or on site with your clients: With LLB Online Banking, financial intermediaries can access accounts and take care of transactions and banking business with just a few clicks – anytime and anywhere.

Our electronic client vouchers provide you with fast information about your bookings and your latest account balance. The vouchers can be saved, forwarded, and exported. 

For greater customisation and flexibility, we offer you ProMode as an alternative to our classic Online Banking. You decide which data is displayed and how columns and values are organised and grouped together. These customisation options let you display your information according to your needs and wishes. 

Analyse your assets and receive detailed information on the prices of individual securities as needed. And you're connected with the world's leading exchanges. You can buy and sell securities whenever you want – thanks to LLB Online Banking.

Our e-banking services at a glance

  • Access account and custody account balances around the clock
  • Make payments quickly and conveniently
  • Manage your standing orders
  • Set up and administer market orders at preferential conditions
  • Access and print out bank receipts (electronic client vouchers) online
  • View, export, and print out account and custody account movements
  • Flexible display of transactions and balances with ProMode
  • Perform analyses of assets
  • Access market data and news