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Attractive performance – the Liechtenstein fund centre

The Principality of Liechtenstein proves it time and again – investors benefit from the agile and modern fund centre in the heart of Europe. Simplified access to the European markets, rapid fund launches and time to market are the crucial factors. Thanks to its membership in the European Economic Area (EEA), Liechtenstein has an EU-compliant fund law, and both investors and management companies have access to the European market and EU-compliant funds.

Time to market is a deciding factor for fund promoters when considering a fund location. The legally mandated periods for authorising standard products are short.

Attractive conditions

The Liechtenstein fund location benefits from a stable financial centre with a high-performance banking system and moderate taxation. The assets managed by Liechtenstein funds are tax-exempt. Liechtenstein is considered a part of Switzerland for the purposes of the Swiss stamp tax law, so that Liechtenstein funds are exempt from the securities transfer tax. Payments from funds are also not subject to value added tax.

Advantages of the Liechtenstein fund location

  • Transparent, fully supervised fund location
  • Simplified procedure for obtaining European passports for fund products and management companies
  • Quick authorisation procedures for standard products with legally mandated maximum processing periods
  • Wide range of legal structures available for funds
  • Low-cost compliance with legal publication obligations using electronic platforms
  • Simple and EU-compliant design of fund prospectuses
  • Individualised asset management and investment advice through competent management companies
  • Exemption from the issue tax when buying funds
  • Regional, economic, and cultural proximity to Switzerland