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    The LLB's investment centre

Value made in Liechtenstein!

With more than 45 employees, we are the largest Asset Manager in the Liechtenstein banking location. For over 30 years, we have specialised in asset allocation as well as fund and portfolio management for institutional and private clients. We also support the LLB Group with our research on equities, bonds, external funds, and so on.

We ...

  • have extensive experience relating to the investment needs of private and institutional clients.
  • have received multiple external awards for the quality of our products.
  • use a strongly structured multi factor investment approach with proprietary software.
  • focus on classical investments and cooperate with specialists in market niches.
  • manage a wide range of funds with more than 50 products for our clients.
  • take over the portfolio management for private and institutional clients (pension schemes, businesses, and public institutions).
  • develop individual portfolios for our clients.
  • offer over 45 standardised, sustainable strategies in the following implementation forms: World ESG / ESG+, Switzerland ESG, Alternative ESG and Passive ESG.
  • offer active and passive mandates.
  • design and launch structured products.
  • are distinguished by the high level of stability of our personnel – the average length of employment is more than 10 years.
  • offer value made in Liechtenstein!