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    Don't wait until tomorrow to implement your idea 

Quick and customised – your private label fund

You have the product idea – we develop the fund to match. A private label fund is your customised investment solution. You can efficiently manage or structure your clients' assets and acquire new money. 

With a private label fund – which can be offered under your name – you benefit from a professionally managed fund that is set up according to your needs.

LLB private labelling

You receive the exclusive right to name and market your private label fund. We support you in the formulation of the specific investment policy that fits you and your project, and we help you define the fee structure and other parameters. Every step of the way, we act in a transparent and personalised manner in accordance with your specifications. If you wish, we can take care of all the tasks from setting up and managing the fund to risk control. You can focus on the core elements of your value chain, e.g. portfolio management or distribution.