E-Banking security

We do everything we can to ensure the highest possible security for your E-Banking at all times. Our security system meets the highest technical standards. The following security tips for using LLB Mobile Banking and LLB Online Banking will help you stay safe.

Security tips for E-Banking

Your LLB Online Banking access is protected in the best possible way from third-party access thanks to three security levels:

  • username
  • personal password
  • PhotoTAN app

Security tips for Mobile Banking

  • Acticate the code lock and automatic lock on your mobile device.
  • WLAN or Bluetooth should be activated only when needed. Avoid public WLAN networks.
  • Never leave your mobile device unattended.


Additional security advice to protect yourself from phishing:

  • Never use links that have been sent to you by e-mail, SMS or messenger service or that have been scanned in by QR code to log in to your e-banking.
  • Do not complete any forms that you received by e-mail asking for login data.
  • Handle attachments received by e-mail or SMS with the great care.
  • Do not share confidential information (e.g. passwords) in telephone conversations.
  • Make sure you always manually enter the address of our e-banking login page in the address line of your browser.
  • Look for the SSL connection (https://, lock symbol) when logging in and make sure you are on the right website by checking the Internet address in your browser's address line.
  • When in doubt, always contact us for assistance. We are happy to help.