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The right form at the right time

By signing in to the form centre, you can download the forms of the LLB for your clients yourself. You can use this additional service independently and at any time.

Our form centre assists you in submitting all relevant documents quickly, conveniently, and correctly. You are given the final selection of all required forms – pre-filled with all available standard data. This is done on the basis of the client relationship you select. You are also given a checklist to ensure submission of additional documents (copies of passports, extracts from the commercial register, self-certifications, etc.).

This not only saves you time, since repetitive data has to be entered only once. We also help you find your way around complex environments and guide you to the necessary forms in just a few clicks. Also take advantage of digital signatures for downloaded forms and send them to us by e-mail or Online Banking.

The form centre – quick and convenient

The form centre offers you many benefits:

  • Simple search of individual forms
  • Guided, efficient process for opening accounts
  • Download of all forms required for opening accounts
  • Checklist for all additional documents required for opening accounts
  • Digital signature and submission of forms

Security for your data

Only authorised, registered users have access to the form centre with all its functions. This ensures security and data protection for you and your clients. You will receive personal access once you register and have received approval by e-mail.