Our custodian services for your success

As a depositary, we are responsible for the legally required and transparent safekeeping of fund assets. We also administer clearing and settlement, corporate actions, and collection of coupons, interest, dividends, and repayments.

Fund transactions that are due or desired can be carried out directly via your personal client advisor. Our Fund Desk team provides optimal services in all respects. We also monitor and administer events that are specific to individual securities. This continuous monitoring and reporting is performed for all assets held in the portfolio.

Relying on our expertise as a custodian bank

We have an extended network of relationships to ensure efficient implementation of your fund's investment strategy. Our advisors' proven expertise helps provide specific answers to numerous questions relating to fund management and fund services. Depending on your needs, you can obtain advice or support on all questions from the fund, legal, and tax experts within our corporate group. Also in terms of compliance as a custodian bank or in our role as a transfer agent, you can rely on the quality of our services.

Clarity as a transfer agent

In Liechtenstein, the depositary generally performs all tasks assigned to a transfer agent. In this role, we maintain the unit registry and are responsible for issuing and redeeming units.

Custody Chain

If you have any questions regarding the sub-custodian infrastructure please contact llb.cts@llb.li.