We offer you tailored solutions with our products and services from LLB Xpert Solutions.

Our tailored solutions give you a decisive edge and help you in your everyday work. We provide you with targeted support in all major strategic questions and basic administrative tasks. Your satisfaction is our incentive!

Tailored and efficient – our product and service solutions

  • Research
    Specially prepared data which you can use to base your strategies on advanced market analyses
  • Reporting
    Efficient management and comprehensive administration and control of your portfolios – also through LLB Online Banking
  • Payment & trading
    You receive an order confirmation for your securities trades as soon as your transactions are recorded in our system
  • Monitoring & advice
    With LLB Xpert Monitoring, you can monitor your clients' portfolios and specify relevant criteria yourself
  • Legal, tax & compliance
    A personal consultation with your client advisor will help you clarify these questions
  • Customised solutions
    Together, we'll look at your situation and goals and develop customised investment solutions