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    Managing data is child's play with LLB DataFeed

LLB DataFeed – genuine added value 

Receive transactions, balances, and master data of your banking relations via a convenient digital interface, and benefit from automatic data transmission straight into your system.

LLB Data Feed gives you the benefits of an interface that provides daily data in the common CSV format on the LLB server. You can conveniently import the data into your software and work with up-to-date data at any time. 

LLB DataFeed offers many benefits

  • Time savingsYou no longer have to manually book the data into your system, because the data is transmitted automatically.
  • QualityYou minimise the error rate when entering the data.
  • TimelinessThe data is updated every day and is always available at 7 a.m. on a secure server.
  • CompatibilityUse your data across systems and process it in Excel, Access, or other programstex.

Would you like to benefit from the added value of automatic data transmission or do you have questions about LLB Data Feed? Get in touch with your personal client advisor.