• Zu Hause

EBICS – standardised client-bank communication

EBICS – the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard – has established itself as a multibank client-bank communication standard in several SEPA countries. It enables payment transaction data to be transmitted encrypted and secure over the internet.

Alongside Online Banking, the LLB also offers a professional solution for electronic data exchange that can be connected directly to your financial software – EBICS.

As a institutional client, this means you can comfortably manage your accounts from a single application – whether the accounts are with us or with other banks in Liechtenstein or abroad.

The benefits of the EBICS interface

  • Large data volumes are transmitted quickly and directly
  • You control your payment transactions across all banks
  • Uniform, internet-based communication across different countries and banks
  • The latest encryption methods ensure a high level of security
  • You can grant different privileges to different users

Convenient solution for institutional clients

The EBICS interface is an attractive and convenient solution for our institutional clients with large payment transaction volumes – for payments both within Liechtenstein and abroad. Already several providers of financial and ERP software offer EBICS compatibility in their applications, and others will follow.

Scope of services

The following functions are currently available for placing payment orders using EBICS:

  • pain.001 – Submission of payment orders in ISO20022 format (only according to Swiss standard)
  • pain.002 – ISO20022 status reports (processing log)

The following functions are available for account information from the bank to our clients:

  • CAMT.053 – Delivery of account statements (end of day)
  • CAMT.054 – Delivery of detailed collective entries and debit/credit notifications
  • MT940 – Delivery of SWIFT daily statements
  • ESR – Delivery of EDIFACT debits


General information about EBICS can be found at www.ebics.de or ISO-20022.ch. The specification of EBICS data formats and the implementation recommendation for the EBICS standard in Switzerland are also available.