Security tips

  1. Sign your new Maestro card as the cardholder as soon as you receive it.
  2. Cut up your existing Maestro card into several pieces after you receive your new card. Please make sure that you also cut up the chip.
  3. Change the PIN code you receive at an ATM in Liechtenstein or Switzerland. When doing so, avoid using number combinations that are easy to guess.
  4. Never disclose your PIN code and never write it down.
  5. Make sure the card's magnetic strip does not get dirty or scratched.
  6. Make sure nobody is watching you when you enter your PIN code.
  7. Do not forget to put your Maestro card away after using it.
  8. Have your Maestro card blocked immediately if it is stolen or retained by an ATM.
  9. Regularly check your account statements for outgoings and withdrawals made with your Maestro card. Call us immediately on +423 236 88 55 if your card is stolen, lost or retained. Always have the telephone number for blocking your card with you, for example saved in your mobile phone.
  10. Keep your Maestro card in a safe place and regularly check that you still have it.
  11. If you activated specific regions for a trip, reset geo-blocking afterwards on your Maestro card in LLB Mobile Banking or LLB Online Banking to regions that you need. Our Advisory Centre will also be happy to help you on +423 236 88 11.
  12. With the Maestro contactless function, you can pay for items of up to CHF 50.– without having to enter your PIN code. After that, the PIN code must be entered. This function is activated automatically when you enter your PIN code for the first time. You can deactivate the Maestro contactless function in LLB Mobile Banking or LLB Online Banking yourself or by calling our Advisory Centre on +423 236 88 11.