Card block

Whether you have lost your card or forgotten your PIN, or if your card has been retained at an ATM – we will help you. In any case, have your card blocked immediately, especially in the event of loss.

Lost card – your contacts in an emergency

In an emergency, you can reach us on +423 236 88 55.

Always keep the telephone numbers for blocking your card with you – for example, saved on your mobile phone.

Card fraud

Contact us immediately if you notice any fraudulent debits from your account. If you suspect that your card is being used fraudulently, block it immediately.

Forgotten PIN

Your personal PIN is known only to you. If you have forgotten your PIN, we will order a new one for you. The new PIN can be used immediately everywhere and does not necessarily have to be changed.

Card retained at ATM

Cards retained in Liechtenstein are forwarded to us and cannot be reclaimed at the bank or post office concerned. Please contact us for a new card.

Cards retained or left abroad can almost always be reclaimed at the bank or post office concerned, as long as proof of identity is provided. If this is not possible, a new card must be ordered. In such cases, block your card immediately.