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    Your pricing model is now tailored even better to your needs

LLB Xpert Solutions – Pricing 

Attractive, flexible, and fair conditions – that is how pricing works for our LLB Xpert Solutions. Your input helps us find the ideal model for you.

LLB Xpert Solutions - Pricing

Our pricing – what you'd expect of a fair partnership

A simple and understandable fee structure and an attractive price-performance ratio serve your needs in an optimal way. This is what you'd expect of a fair partnership built to last.

You and your clients benefit from attractive, individually definable, and performance-based conditions. With flexible pricing models – from classic brokerage options to strategy-based all-in models – we offer you the solution that fits you best.

The LLB has also set new standards by waiving trailer fees (retrocessions) on our own funds and third-party funds.

We look forward to advising you!

Get in touch with our experts and receive comprehensive information on pricing with LLB Xpert Solutions.